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Tony C & 69 Colebrooke Row shot by Todd Selby, featured on

The Selby at 69 Colebrooke Row on

69 in the new Issue of Project Mag


Tony and Marcis in the Imbibe awards

We are very pleased to have our very own Tony C and Marcis D8 nominated in the first ever Imbibe awards. Tony is up for a massive two- Bar personality of the year, and industry legend, whilst Marcis is strutting it under Hotstuff award! Please get voting folks- they clearly deserve to win!

the bar with no name- Independent article photos

Photos from the Independent featuring the bar with no name and a piece on the return of the cocktail- with a few snaps of Tony and Matteo.

Tony for Hedonists Guides

Tony interviewed for Hedonist’s guides, and talking through some drinks from the bar with no name…

Tony & 69 Colebrooke Row on Quintessentially TV

QUINTESSENTIALLY | Insider | Masterful Mixology at 69 Colebrooke Road

Tony interviewed on London Cocktail Society

The Interview: Tony Conigliario
Posted on September 16, 2010 by mark

Mark Gill talks with Tony Conigliaro, cocktail maestro and owner of 69 Colebrooke Row:

Despite visiting his bar several times I had yet to meet Tony in person, so I was excited about the prospect of talking to a man I’d read so much about. As it turned out, Tony doesn’t play up to his ‘celebrity bartender’ status, in spite of usually being referred to as the Heston Blumenthal of the bartending world. When he arrived, business carried on as normal as he quietly took a seat to one side of the bar. I was intrigued by this understated presence so took the opportunity to introduce myself and get chatting.

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